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Updates for Seguin’s COMPUTER Concepts & Applications Courses

In late 2019, activities in the template courses for Seguin’s COMPUTER Applications and Concepts were updated. These activities included Guide and Practice tutorials in Chapters 1, 2, 4, and 15 of the Applications content, and blog activities in Chapter 5 of the Concepts content.

In the Applications course, the following activities were updated and now report to the Cirrus gradebook:

  • CA 2019 CH01 Tutorial Lessons
  • CA 2019 CH02 Tutorial Lessons
  • CA 2019 CH04 Tutorial Lessons
  • CA 2019 CH15 Tutorial Lessons

In the Applications course, the following new activities provide added content on the features of Windows 10. The activities include descriptive, hyperlinked text that lead to short video demonstrations of the described task or feature. There is not a graded activity associated with these videos.

  • CA 2019 CH01 Windows 10 Videos
  • CA 2019 CH02 Windows 10 Videos

In the Concepts course, the following blog activities were added to the Chapter 5 module on application software. Additional information on how to use blog activities can be found in this article: Essay Activities.

  • Popular Apps for Android or Apple Mobile Devices
  • Why Pay for Software?

To review and incorporate these updated activities, create a new course from one of the following template courses:

  • Seguin’s Computer Applications with Microsoft Office 365 2019 Edition
  • Seguin’s Computer Concepts 3e
  • Seguin’s Computer Concepts and Applications with Microsoft Office 365 2019 Edition

Instructions for creating a new course from a template can be found here: How to Create a Course from a Template in Cirrus Canvas.