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Updated Reports Tab in QuickBooks Online

Since the publication of Computerized Accounting with QuickBooks® Online 2017, the Reports tab in QuickBooks Online has been reorganized as shown in the image below. Where there used to be five tabs (Recommended, Frequently Run, My Custom Reports, Management Reports, and All Reports), there are now only three tabs: Standard, Custom Reports, and Management Reports. On the Standard tab, reports are listed in sections that are grouped by topics. These topics include: Favorites, Business overview, Who owes you, Sales and Customers, What you owe, Expenses and Vendors, Sales tax, Employees, For my accountant, and Payroll.

To find a report, scroll through the list of sections on the Standard tab. Expand or collapse a section by clicking the arrow next to the section name (e.g., Favorites). An alternative method is to type the name of the report in the Find report by name search box and select the report from the drop-down list.