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Microsoft Help Continues to Evolve (updated)

Microsoft continues to evolve, and one of the elements that is expected to change the most is the Help feature. Changes to Help are probably designed to help users, but the changes may confuse students. Office 365 users will see these changes, but Office 2016 desktop users who do not subscribe to Office 365 might not see them.

Benchmark Series 2016, Excel Level 1


For example, in the Benchmark Series Excel 2016 Level 1, Chapter 1, the text says that pressing the F1 function key will display the Excel Help window, however on some systems running Office 365, the F1 function key may open a task pane.

Guidelines for Microsoft Office 2016

In Guidelines for Microsoft Office 2016, Chapter 2 Skill 11 instructs users to click the File tab and then click the Microsoft Excel Help button. However, users running Office 365 who click the Microsoft Excel Help button (F1 or F3 depending on their device) will not see the Excel Help window and will be taken to the Microsoft Support web page in a browser window instead. Users may still navigate to the Get started link by clicking the Apps expandable menu item and then choosing the Excel option from the drop-down list. To search for help topics, such as conditional formatting, use the search box in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

When Office 365 users follow the instructions in Unit 2 Skill 11 of Guidelines, completing Step 3 will open a browser window and navigate to the Microsoft Support web page.

Affected Courseware

Benchmark series, Microsoft® Excel® 2016, Level 1, Chapter 1 (textbook page 26)

Guidelines for Microsoft® Office 2016, Unit 2, Skill 11 (textbook pages 72–73)

Marquee series, Microsoft® Word® 2016, Section 1 (textbook pages 26–27, 32)

Marquee series, Microsoft® Excel® 2016, Section 1 (textbook pages 22–23, 26)

Marquee series, Microsoft® Access® 2016, Section 1 (textbook pages 24–25, 26)

Marquee series, Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2016, Section 1 (textbook pages 18–19, 30)